13906912_1208037885883012_7329684512733264335_nMy name is Channing Morris and I currently reside in sunny Denver, Colorado. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA where I attended The Lovett School. I received my Bachelors in Philosophy at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. After school, I spent two years in Washington, DC working in Government Real Estate for Jones Lang LaSalle. In May of 2012, I made the best decision of my life and move out west.

I thought I would have a rewarding career in Marketing but quickly learned my true calling was Product Management and Business Development. With my 4ish years in the real world, I have learned that I love planning, process and organization. I prefer to do research, work with data, play devil’s advocate and find solutions. I also like to be in charge.

When I’m not working on my blog, you will find me exploring Colorado and traveling across the country for my favorite band. A computer nerd at heart who loves technology and startups and just so happens to have a shopping addiction. I enjoy skiing, hiking, photography, dancing and most of all, seeing live music.

Blue Mountain Belle, is my blog – focusing on music, style, technology and travel.