Square LogoWelcome! ConcertGoer is a place to share your past live music experiences and plan your next musical outing. ConcertGoer creates a visual representation of previous experiences on a chronological timeline.  Each event is a collective memory made of photos, videos, and reviews shared by your fellow fans.  Through reviews and ratings of venues, restaurants, and bars you can plan your next concert experience or help another fan plan theirs. Read more about ConcertGoer below.

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What makes ConcertGoer different from other social networking platforms is that it uses a person’s past to connect them to their future.  Concerts previously attended and forgotten can now be rediscovered through the curated content of concerts experience from fellow concertgoers. Every show has a story and ConcertGoer enables fans to create and contribute to a lasting collective memory.

The ConcertGoer idea blossomed out of years of traveling to see our favorite bands.  Hours spent preparing for the trip included booking flights, renting cars, checking into hotels, and finding fun things to do.  After the concert we upload photos and videos, read reviews, download official (and unofficial) live recordings and shared memories on our blogs and email groups. Then start the process all over again!

ConcertGoer takes the hassle out of the concert planning experience.  A place to find everything you need to know about your upcoming show.  Want to see the view from your seat?  Watch videos from the last shows in a particular venue?  Find a local restaurant with great reviews?  How about a dive bar with darts and drink specials? Presale ticket passwords? tour announcements?  Streaming audio from concerts? Tickets?  ConcertGoer will be your one stop shop for remembering and planning your music events.

When planning to see live music ConcertGoer will be your guide.  Make the most out of your experience by knowing the coolest bar near the venue or the best place to get a bite before the show.  Even if the venue is just around the corner, you might find a new late-night spot.  With ConcertGoer you’ll be able to find the cheapest hotels, the most fun bars, and the best local deals based of past fan reviews.  Share your trip with friends, buy your tickets, build your itinerary, go to the show, and enjoy!

To build this database of information we first start with your concert history.  By creating a visual display of your concert past – a “concert timeline” – you are able to remember and connect with other fans.  By adding a show “tick” to your timeline, you immediately connect with other fans that attended the same show.  A concert “tick” is comprised of the artist, date, location, venue, set list, and stream/download of the show.  Fans share photos, videos, and reviews of concerts with everyone else who attended. In turn, this creates a collective memory of the concert.  Only snap one photo during the show? Upload it, that photo is now just one of hundreds from that concert.  Review the venue, recommend a place for late night meals, and tell everyone about the secret back bar.  Other fans will do the same.  So when it’s time to plan for your next concert, you know all the places to go. Once the show is over ConcertGoer is the place to experience it all again.

But what about the present? The ConcertGoer mobile app will enhance your in-concert experience too.  Check in at the venue and find the best place to get a burger after the show.  Use the map to find your friends in the crowd and the bathroom.  During set break, check the set list and see other fans’ photos.  See what other friends are in the crowd and meet up.

Concertgoer is about exploring your past, connecting with like-minded fans and planning the next adventure.

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